Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A.I. no longer means Artificial Intelligence...

I remember sitting in John Pantalone's Journalism 110 class in my freshman year of college. More specifically, I remember him asking of the 300+ students sitting in new Center for biotechnology and life sciences who, if any, do not have cable at home. As hands went up, Pantalone clarified. "I don't mean you have satellite or Fios, I mean, who has NO cable, only broadcast stations?" While the confused hands all lowered, mine stayed raised. Of over 300 students, I was the only one who fit the bill.

I didn't realize how culture deprived I was until this past week, when I finally sat and watched COX cable at my rental house in Narragansett. The first thing I did was find the channel guide. And, what's more interesting to the culture-deprived girl than an American Idol recap?

Yes, I realize that American Idol was one of the few shows I could have actually watched without cable. But until I saw this recap I was convinced nothing of interest to me could be found on local broadcast stations. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that one of my new favorite artists- Chris Daughtry- was discovered via American idol. And not only that, but he was in the final four with Katherine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, and Elliott Yamin. I was shocked that all these names, minus Elliott Yamin (who I'd never heard of ) came from American Idol. Or AI as it's now known as, apparently.

As I start to come out from under my rock and figure out what else I've missed these past years, where better to turn than Idol Chatter ? However, as I found in class last week, AI chatter isn't limited to an intense fanbase. "Breaking News" now includes the fact that JLo has signed on to be a judge for one year (only one year? scandalous!).

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