Sunday, September 19, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua

I realize this is a bit late (and by that I mean almost a week) but I just got to see the premier of Survivor Nicaragua thanks to my handy Verizon FiOS on demand! The discovery of which, if I may say so, was almost as exciting as the premier. Who knew I have access to a whole bunch of the latest shows and it doesn't even take up space on my DVR!

I think it's interesting the way they divided the teams. 30 and younger and 40 and older is a dramatic twist, I just don't know how long I can stand watching the frat party happen over at La Flor. Thank god they don't have access to alcohol. It's mildly interesting, but mostly exasperating. Like Big Brother. "We can't let a girl win," What are you, ten? Among other things that blend together, I found this outrageous. Not that I can remember who said it- all the young guys seem like the same person. Minus Fabio, of course. The only guy that stands out from the super-tan, muscly, chauvinistic, boxer-brief wearing crowd. But it's not like Survivor to write in comic relief. Their ratings must be slipping, or else they need to attract more viewers after their move from Thursday to Wednesday nights. One of the best quotes from Fabio: "It's like being in a zoo with no cages" Yeah, I think that's also called being outdoors.

Oh yeah, and what was with the creepy war cries girls of La Fleur?

I don't know about you, but I hope Jimmy Johnson stays on for a while, he seems like a nice guy. I don't know why everyone says that he's BS-ing about wanting to help someone win the million, or why they think that it's not a good idea to keep him around. The guy's right, no jury would give him the million. He's got enough already. Unless of course he went to the end with someone who had back-stabbed the entire jury, which would be the ideal situation for him. If anyone was going to take him to the end thinking he wouldn't get the vote just because he has money already, it would be the back-stabbing one. Hm, maybe he can win it. I love that he wanted to be on Survivor for the "adventure" of it. I guess when you're Jimmy Johnson you can do whatever you want for a vacation . . . Not that it hasn't been hard on him. It was great hearing him give props to all the past survivors after the first night. I never really heard anyone else say that it was that much harder than they thought. Or at least I didn't believe them. When it wasn't Jimmy Johnson saying it, it really just sounded like whining.

Another one that it seems will be early to go is Kelly B., the medical student with the prosthetic leg. I honestly don't think it's fair to vote her out just because you think she'll get a sympathy vote in the end. But I suppose that's the game. I hope we get to see a least a little more of what she can do.

I am glad that the goat girl got voted off though. To think that so many of her tribe mates were unsure about who they were voting for, and then she just goes and ruins it for herself. Talk about drawing a target on your back, that was completely ridiculous. If that was her true personality, I'm glad I didn't have to watch an hour of it. Who questions Jeff Probst? I don't think it has ever been done. Not to make a completely obscure reference, but I was reminded of Umbridge interrupting Dumbledore during his opening speech. It just isn't done. And when it is, you end up getting beaten up by a heard of angry centaurs or, in this case, voted off the island.

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