Saturday, October 9, 2010

Who Owns Her Heart?

Obviously, not the fans that have been with her from the beginning. Miley Cyrus has been following in the treacherous footsteps of former Disney Icon LiLo (AKA Lindsey Lohan) for a while now. We all know about the racy photos, pole dancing at the teen choice awards, lap dancing at the after parties, and the outfits-that-weren't. Now, seventeen year old Miley has released a new video, "Who Owns My Heart" that many are saying has crossed the line.

Opinions range from approval to interested concern to extreme disapproval and anger. Although her older audience seems to have no problems with her new persona, parents are urging us to think about what message she is sending to her younger fan base. The Parent's Television Council has taken great offense to this new Miley, pointing out that "Miley has built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls" and stating "it saddens us that she seems to eager to distance herself from that fanbase so rapidly." Due to the nature of the video, I would have to agree.

For a while now, I've thought that a lot of things Miley has done have been inappropriate, including Hannah Montana. Sure, it's fine for high schoolers to watch if they are bored or want a laugh, because they know that it's a show and that there is a difference in television and real life. But the younger kids that watch it like middle school girls are watching Hannah make ridiculous, over-exagerated faces, rudely make fun of her father, and walk all over her friends like that is the way that normal teenage girls act. Middle school girls are seeing these things and copying them in real life. I have a younger family member who would do things like this and all I could think was 'where is she getting this from?' Honestly, it makes her appear a little slow. Then, while in my dorm putting off writing a paper one night, I turned on the TV and watched Hannah Montana. And then I knew exactly where she was getting it from. Hannah is mildly entertaining, as long as you know the difference between watching her awful acting and how you should act in real life. Unfortunately, some younger kids do not understand this difference. Hannah Montana was a bad role model for middle schoolers, and Miley is a terrible role model for high schoolers.

Why do so many celebrity teenagers feel the need to take off their clothes and exploit themselves? Miley could have gone the way of Taylor Swift and been just as famous while still being a role model.

The next step for Miley? How about changing her name to MiCy.

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